Tuna Special

Tuna Special €8.95 Toasted Ciabatta Bread, Topped with Tuna In Mayonnaise with Sweet Corn, Pineapple & Melted Swiss Cheese

BLT Special

BLT Special €7.95 A Toasted Favourite of Crispy Bacon Slices, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes & Mayo

Mediterranean Panini

Mediterranean Panini €8.95 Mozzarella Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Sweet Roasted Peppers & Caramelized Onions

Steak Baguette

Steak Baguette €12.95 Tender Strips of Steak, served with Sauté Mushrooms & Onions with a Pepper Sauce

Triple Decker Club Sandwich

Triple Decker Club Sandwich €8.95 3 Tiered Toasted Favourite Filled with Chicken, Crispy Bacon, Egg Lettuce & Tomato.