Side Orders

Side Orders Selection of Garden Vegetables €3.50 Homecut Chips €3.50 Crispy Onion Rings €3.50 Coleslaw €2.50 Herb Green Salad €4.50 Garlic Bread €4.00 Garlic Bread with Cheese €4.75

Char Grilled Irish Steaks (100% Irish Beef)

Char Grilled Irish Steaks (100% Irish Beef) With Roasted Vine Tomato, Onion Rings  & Chunky Chips Choice of Garlic Butter, Mushroom/Pepper Sauce. 8oz Sirloin       €18.50 10oz Sirloin     €20.50 12oz Sirloin     €22.50 8 oz Fillet        €22.50

Joint of the Day

Joint of the Day €11.95 Changes daily Please ask your Server for Details.

Penne Tomato Pomarola (V)

Penne Tomato Pomarola (V) €12.50 Ripe Plum Italian Tomatoes cooked with Red Onions, Fresh Thyme & Finished with Basil Leaves.

Penne Bolognaise

Penne Bolognaise €12.50 Traditional Beef Ragout flavoured with Fresh Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onion & Fresh Garlic, Served with Fresh Parmesan Cheese.

Freshly Baked Quiches:

Freshly Baked Quiches: €9.95 Smoked Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Cheese Fresh Salmon, Dill &Green Asparagus Provençal Vegetables & Brie Cheese (V) All Served with 3 Gourmet House Salads.

Pan Seared Fillet of Salmon

Pan Seared Fillet of Salmon €16.50 Crushed Italian Style Potato, Sauté Green Beans & Tarragon Cream Sauce.

Traditional Fish n Chips (Fresh Cod)

Traditional Fish n Chips (Fresh Cod) €14.50 Mushy Peas & Tartar Sauce with Home Cut Fries.

Mildly Spiced Chicken Korma

Mildly Spiced Chicken Korma €14.50 With a Tumeric Scented Rice & Chips (1/2& ½).

Homemade Hawaiian Steak Burger

Homemade Hawaiian Steak Burger €13.50 Prime Irish Lean Beef, Topped with Mozzarella Cheese Bacon, Fresh Pineapple, Salad & Fries.